Rae, April 2023

I honestly could not recommend this beautiful human more!  An incredible, amazing, talented and inspiring woman.

I’ve wanted locs since my teens, I’m so glad I waited until I’d found the right soul.   My time with Anna-Marie wasn’t just about her installing locs, through the connection of the day, my soul was nourished.

I cannot thank you enough Anna-Marie for making the day meaningful and memorable.  The day was worth the wait and I’m looking forward to our journey together.

Brad, February 2023

Oh, what a day of joy, spent with fair Anna-Marie!

She welcomed me with open arms and made my heart feel free.

Her skill in dreadmaking matches that of speech so fair,

For every word she speaks doth dance upon the air.

My heart is glad and filled with such delight,

That I would recommend this day, to all in sight.

For Anna-Marie’s company is a balm to weary souls,

And her skill in dreadmaking is a wonder to behold.

So let it be known, that a day with Anna-Marie,

Is a day well spent, in the company of such majesty.

I thank her for her kindness and for making my day bright.

And pray that all may share in the joy of her fair light.

Kerry, February 2023

A huge thank you Anna-Marie for the wonderful job you have done in tightening my dreads and adding another layer of dreads into my hair, they have never looked so neat and tidy. Thank you for your hospitality and warmth and welcoming me into your awesome home, and of course the added bonus of getting to meet beautiful Mia, who was so well behaved. I look forward to seeing you again in April.

Sophia, February 2023

I can highly recommend Anna-Marie for dread maintenance. Great skills and lovely company too!

Nikki, July 2022

I can’t thank Anna – Marie enough for such a wonderful experience having my full head of dreadlocks. I received a warm welcome on arrival, conversation was great, learnt loads and had lots of laughs whilst soaking up the sun in the wonderful scenery on her lovely boat. My locs feel and look amazing, I’m so glad I found Anna-Marie, such a wonderful human being with so much knowledge and mad skills! I am looking forward to going back for regular maintenance and have already booked my next appointment. Thank you so much

Sebastian, January 2022

A big thank you to Anna-Marie for salvaging and tidying my dreadlocks that had been neglected and badly tightened in the past. Not only is she extremely talented and skilled but the spiritual calmness and relaxing positive energy with 100 % organic treatment in idyllic natural setting made the experience unique. I highly recommend Anna-Marie to those seeking non commercial organic dreads care from a truly lovely positive free spirit. Best wishes to you and Philip on your travels.

Charlotte, September 2021

A wonderful review from Charlotte, who visited me last month for a first row of locks. I chose Anna-Marie to make my dreadlocks because of her caring approach, skills and friendliness. She was empathetic to my concerns and listened to what I wanted to do with my hair and my reasons for it. On the day of my appointment, Anna-Marie met me at a convenient location and walked me to her home on the canal. She was easy going and genuine with lots of interesting things to talk about. On her boat, our time was unhurried and relaxed. I was well looked after and Anna-Marie was extremely hospitable. She made my locks with care and attention and then explained how I could look after them myself. Overall, I couldn’t be happier and am already looking forward to the next appointment. Thank you so much Anna-Marie, see you soon.

Beth, August 2021

“I had a wonderful day visiting Anna-Marie for a root tidy, she welcomed me warmly to her beautiful boat on the canal and I instantly felt right at home. After making me a lovely cuppa she got to work, both of us happily chattering away, while listening to music. A few hours in, we stopped for delicious lunch and she shared some of her extensive knowledge on human physiology, teaching me some great stretches to help my neck cope with all this hair.My root tidy took four hours altogether, Anna-Marie has a quick and efficient technique with minimal scalp pain. I highly recommend her services and I’m grateful for her wisdom, great taste in music and warm hospitality. Thank you for a lovely day Anna-Marie.”

Brooke, August 2021

“Firstly want to thank Anna-Marie for such a relaxing day, having my hair done by her felt more like going to meet an old friend for a catch up than anything else. She explained everything she was doing, as well as giving me good hair advice that actually suits my hair type; instead of blanket one-size-fits-all advice I’d heard elsewhere. I’ve had several compliments in the last couple of days since seeing her, even my siblings who aren’t the biggest fans of dreadlocks, said how lovely my hair looked. The setting was perfect, the boat was in a beautiful area just outside Reading, on a lovely quiet part of the canal, with friendly locals. I felt very relaxed and at ease from the second I met her and I’ve also already booked in for my next dread tidy up with her. Overall 10/10, both for her skills with my locks and her character. I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier person, as if we’d known each for years. Thank you for such a lovely experience and I can’t wait to come back again in November.”

Natalie, July 2021

I had my locks installed with Anna-Marie last week and it was such an incredible experience. She was the best possible person to lock my hair for all the right reasons. Her skills are the very best. I was welcomed and looked after and enjoyed spending my time in Anna-Marie’s company and connecting with her spiritual heart and mind. Thank you”.

Carl, July 2021

“Such a beautiful and welcoming experience getting my hair locked by Anna-Marie today on her boat. Watching the wildlife, feeding the geese and listening to the water. With great conversation and scenery, there is no better way to get your hair locked. My locks look great, I love them, thank you.”

Zoe, June 2021

“I spent a lovely day with you Anna-Marie, it was wonderful to catch up.  I feel spiritually uplifted, mentally stimulated, femininely supported and nutritionally boosted.  Thank you for having me in your peaceful space and for doing such a wonderful job and on my locks as usual.”

Everett, June 2021

“I’m so grateful to have met Anna-Marie and started my locking journey with her a few years ago.  Anna-Marie is a great person to talk to, very professional and always has a great playlist on.  Anna-Marie shares her knowledge and kindness, making it a great experience.  I wouldn’t look for anyone else to maintain my locks and can’t recommend her enough.”

Hannah, June 2021

“Had a wonderful day with Anna-Marie on her boat Magna Carta! My locks are looking and feeling great! We enjoyed a super relaxed day with great conversation, awesome tunes and we shared an amazing lunch. I feel very lucky to have found Anna-Marie and that my search for someone to look after my locks is over.”

Jessica, June 2021

I recently came to Anna-Marie for a full head of locks and I’m so glad I did. We had a lovely couple of days full of chatter and music on the boat and I left feeling very positive and blessed. It was an experience that was good for the soul (and the belly) and I’m so pleased with how my locks turned out. Thank you Anna-Marie for starting me off on this new chapter x X x

The following reviews; I have asked a few of the regular patrons, if they would kindly write a review for the purpose of me updating this website. I am grateful for their time, support and friendships.

Stephen, April 2021

“I started visiting Anna-Marie for some lock maintenance around 6 months in to my lock journey and almost 2 years on, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I definitely recommend her services. I found comfort in the warm, relaxed and holistic environment of her house-boat, a special place to look after your locks, she gives all the love and respect, that you could ever wish for. Thanks to her great skill set and compassion, the process is as comfortable as possible and her guidance once you are done, is priceless. Great service, great value, great company. I always look forward to my next appointment.”

Dino, March 2021

“Peace and love to all. If you are looking to start your locking journey, or even if you have established locks, I would highly recommend JātaDreads to you. Anna-Marie is highly skilled, extremely professional and a lovely soul. I have been on my dreadlock journey for the last few years and I am indeed fortunate to have my waist length locks in her care. She is really good at what she does and takes pride in her work. A warm and cosy setting, endless chatter and a cuppa makes every visit an experience to cherish”.

Nancy, March 2021

Been having my locks coiffed and tended to by Anna-Marie for a few years now. Not only is she highly skilled in the art of dread maintenance, she is funny too! So I always look forward to chilling with her and Philip aboard their floating haven. Warm and cosy in the winter by the log burner, or on deck in the spring or summer, watching the wildlife …. and my locks are awesome“.

Aza, March 2021

“Meeting Anna by chance a while back, my dreads were gettng out of hand and driving me mad, so I booked myself in, she got work on my dreads straight away and I don’t think they have ever looked better. I come away from Anna’s feeling refreshed and feel great karma after spending a couple of hours in her company, great girl and very welcoming, no nonesense, just great service”.

Tom, March 2021

“I’ve been coming to Anna for some time now, she offers a most welcoming, friendly and spiritual experience. I always go home feeling so well looked after and the conversation is just magical. Honestly, I’m always so excited to come aboard the boat, get a cuppa on, sit down and just sit back and chat the day away with her. Cannot fault, so much love for this human!!”

Jane, March 2021

“Really enjoyed my time with Anna-Marie. I have had my locks done elsewhere but she is by far the best! She is caring and nurturing during the whole process as well as gives great advice on how to care for them. My locks looked great when she had finished. Her after care service is second to none as she checks up on you a few days later. A beautiful soul!”

The following reviews I have copied from JātaDreads Facebook page, and are most recent. If you would like to read reviews from previous years please use the link and pop along to the page.

Caitlin, Feb 2020

If you’re looking for a spiritual experience in which to loc your hair you’ve found the right place.Anna Marie is a wonderful being who shares both her knowledge and kindness to make for a truly healing experience.

Steph March 2020

I am so grateful to have met this gorgeous human being many moons ago. I was umming and ahhing about real locs for years…but she was the perfect person to do then,. I hadn’t connected with anyone else, but Anna I felt would understand my journey and not aesthetics. I am truly humbled to know this human, I appreciate you! Oh, and my locs are blooming banging too. Always hella compliments!

Katie, August 2020

Thank you lovely i would not have anyone else touch my locks. I love are time together always have such a good laugh and feel so well looked after even with the covid i still felt safe and well looked after with the sanatising and masks. All in all a wonderful day with a wonderful person and of course lovley to see Philip aswell xx

Mark, August 2020

“On Sunday I was so happy to finally be able to treat myself to a glorious afternoon in the sun with 2 wonderful people who had invited me onto their boat/home for my ‘Baby Locks’ to receive a long overdue tidy up due to the interference of that darn Corona Virus!?  Well let me say it was well worth the wait!  Thank you both Anna-Marie and Philip for an insightful as well as enjoyable afternoon”.

Robin, September 2020,

“Very professional and a perfectionist”.