March, April & May

March April & May

Has been such a long break since my last blog post, which is a good thing, means life continues to be wonderfully simple and without drama.

We’ve finally cruised to our spiritual county in time for late spring and early summer.  The canal is now abundant with lush, wild fauna and flora, is healing, calm and peaceful.

We have a new member to our family, please meet Mia, who we took into our home the end of April aged then, 8 weeks.  Mia is a bred traveller dog, we are lucky to have found the travellers that gave her to us.  She is adapting to boat life incredibly well, she is a little tough cookie and ever so hardy.  Mia is growing rapidly, her character is beginning show and she is proving to be a light off contentment, although she has oodles of energy, bouncing about the tow path and scurrying about the woodlands, her favourite job is wood foraging, she is amazing.  Be assured, when visiting you will get lots of attention and puppy-dog cuddles.

My dread diary continues to be booked up a few weeks in advance, so I must be doing something right and when the weather is on our side, we’re now stepping outdoors to do dreadmaking, so we can all soak up the healing power of nature.

Please enjoy the pics and hopefully see you soon.