June 2021

We’re now in Berkshire, nearest town is Reading. We’ve managed to find a perfect place to moor, giving us the isolation we crave. We’ll be close to Reading for another week, after which we’ll begin cruising back to Wiltshire. We’ll take it pretty slow on the cruise back to Wiltshire, it’s been a mad one getting here, to be on time for taking the boat out of the water, the hull needs blacking. We’d like to chill out the rest of the summer, soak up the beautiful Berkshire countryside and be back in Wiltshire for Autumn.

June has been a great month, fully booked with tidy ups of epic matty-natty messy lockdown locks. Also a treat doing a full head of fresh locks, managed to get outside with some locking and a couple of dreadheads wanted to learn how to maintain their own locks, love sharing the skills.