My Jata Dreads Journey In Pictures #jata #dreadlocks #Reading #Berkshire

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I shaved my head for 10 years. When it was time to grow my hair again it was important to me that it was on my terms. I was getting older and I felt I needed to embrace that in away that would be enjoyable. So I decided to lock my hair.

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Started with a straightforward Mohawk, which was bleached as I was told that this is the best way to begin locking.

Not A Good Start.

My first dreads were so cute and tiny, the hair was burned with a hair iron, back combed and then smothered in dax. I knew within a couple of weeks that this was not the way forward.

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I kept the baby locks for a little while until I found the dread guru, Jamie Webb, DreadMonkey and he tidied my locks without the use of any wax but using a crochet technique keeping my locks soft and manageable.

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and so they began to settle in and grow

and I had lots of fun with them


I kept the Mohawk for some time


until eventually I decided to grow the Mohawk out and lock the whole head


During the time of growing out the Mohawk I found I had breast cancer. I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t need chemo


and Jamie started another batch of baby locks, looked so weird for a while but they settled quite quickly.


I am now tidy up my locks myself, it’s not difficult anymore, takes me about 2 evenings to do my own due to arm and hand ache, but I am very pleased with my achievements.

Just Completed My First Full Head Of Dreads – #jata #dreadlocks

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So this dude came into Global Cafe with his natty dreads and I, on the spare of the moment, piped up n asked him if I could please tidy up his locks, the appreciation would be all mine n I’d do it for free. He said yes n today, couple weeks after meeting him, he gave me his natty dreads as my very first step on this journey.

What an amazing day, spending the time with a like minded spirit, sharing my infant skill which towards the end of the session, I was feeling moments of confidence growing in technique.  We chatted philosophicaly, spiritually, I shared yoga tips and he shared music passions, he talked about his wonderful parents and I talked about my wonderful children.  Sitting in the garden, a warm sunny day n we in the shade on the veranda, drinking tea and listening to tunes. My dogs strolling in and out and one cheekily helping herself to his lap … and of all these moments I Jata locked into his dreads. My first experience of locking someone else’s hair couldn’t have been more perfect.

Took me just over 2 hours to tidy up what was quite a messy head different thicknesses and lengths.  Unfortunately one section is so badly matted that I will need to seek the advice of my inspiration, Jamie Webb.

The muscles in my hands are sore so will stretch them out a few times today and over the next few days.

My first client was very very pleased with the tidy up, his words …”Oh yeah! Now they look like proper dreads” ….. best compliment ever!

So who’s next?

Love peace & happineas