One of my locks has come away, can you reattach it?

Yes, as long as the new hair growth is about 6″ long.  If shorter, then keep the lock safe, wait till the hair has grown and then, contact me to arrange a booking.

Do you do hair extentions? 

NO!  I will not get involved with hair extensions of any kind!  I lock hair purely for spiritual reasons.  Hair extensions whether they be synthetic or human hair, contradict Dharma ~ the virtues that support my spiritual commitments. I would like to add that the Human Hair Extension Industry, is not ethically regulated in protecting adults and children from human exploitation.  For more information please check out my blog post ‘Hair Extension Industry – Human Exploitation‘.  Furthermore, the Synthetic Hair Industry is unregulated and without proper informative and efficient health and safety legislation, for the manufacture, use and disposal.  No account is taken, into the true cost of chemical pollution, waste and health impacts, through manufacturing, use or disposal. For more information please read my blog post Synthetic Hair Extensions ~ The Dark Truth.

For new locks, how often do I have to have them tidied up? 

That really is personal choice.  However, professional advice, the first year is quite important in the first steps towards healthy maturing.  I advise new locks to have their first tidy-up anything between 8 to 12 weeks.  After that, say about 12 to 16 weeks and so on.

How long does it take for locks to mature?

This depends on whether one looks after them or not.  Regular maintence in the first year will help new locks to mature approximately 18 months.  Unkept locks will take longer.  However, personal choice, whilst some prefer regular maintenance on their locks, others prefer the natty locks.  What’s more important is to avoid matting, as this can lead to serious problems.

Can I wash my locks? 

Yes.  Fresh locks or fresh tidy-ups, I advise to leave for a minimum of 2 weeks before washing.  If one can leave for longer than 2 weeks, the better.  After which, is really a personal choice, however, my professional advice is to wash a minimum of every 2 weeks.

What shampoo do you recommend?

Dreads UK is the only shampoo I recommend.

Can I stop washing my locks altogether?

Yes.  However, a word of caution; one must stick to a regular routine of finger maintenance on the base of every lock.  This will prevent the locks from matting.  Matting locks prevent air from circulating the scalp, resulting in moisture being trapped from sweat.  This can lead to all sorts of problems, which then can result in the locks having to be cut off.

I advise, that someone close to you check the locks regularly, for anything that looks or feels unpleasant and if so, by all means get in touch with your concerns.

Do you lock children’s hair? 

NO! Minimum age 16.

How long will it take to lock hair?

This is difficult to estimate.  For fresh locks, depends on hair thickness, length and if one is having a full head, top or mohawk or partial locks.  If enquiring about tidy-ups, then depending on length, how many locks and their present condition.

I would like my locks to look specifically like this, can you do that?

I will stress here that I am not a hairdresser.  I will lock one’s hair according to their hair type and how their hair falls.  The locks will be unique to the individual.

Do you travel to appointments?

No.  For a couple of reasons, first being comfort. The chair you sit in, can be adjusted in height and rotated according to what I need to access all of your hair.  Also, locking hair is hard work, not just for my hands but also long periods of standing.  I have a stool that is perfect for me to perch on whilst locking.  The other reason being, we offer a unique experience that gives your hair locking journey authenticity.  The path that you have chosen to take, is about you placing your foot in front of the other in order to represent, create and express your journey, not mine.