Greetings, my name is Anna-Marie, I live with my husband Philip and Mia our dog, we are travellers, living on a widebeam canal boat.  Since 2018 we have been cruising the Kennet & Avon Canal between Reading Berkshire and Bristol Somerset.  During that time we’ve had many visitors from far and wide, requiring lock maintenance or wanting fresh locks installed, we are grateful to each and everyone for their trust and friendships.

For updates of where we are located, please check the contacts page.

I chose to lock up my hair initially inspired by Indian cultures and mythology.  My locks were started around about 2007, they were installed by a friend and maintained by another friend until 2013; from then on I have maintained them myself. Also 2013, I set up JataDreads and began locking up other people’s hair.  My partner Philip also has locks, I look after his and when he isn’t working, Philip tidies up a couple of mine.

Philip had a strong calling to lock his hair up and so began his journey in 2010.  He simply let his hair grow and without grooming his hair, the locks formed naturally.  However, at a certain point in the journey, he needed to give the locks some maintenance and so he learned how to use the crochet technique.

Philip is concentrating on other work commitments right now, so if when I am locking for others and he is home, he might pop in and take over for a short while, just to keep his skills going. 

We welcome you into our home in the hope that your day with us, is much more than having your locks installed or maintained.  There is a separate room at the ‘Bow’ of the boat, which is a sacred space dedicated to spiritual practices and locking hair.  The room is airy, spacious, filled with natural light from several windows, which give you a great view of the beautiful countryside;  when we have warm dry weather, we can enjoy the outdoors, as we have a shady area for you to sit, watching the wildlife, whilst I take care of your locks. You will be taking yourself away from your regular routine, into a peaceful, calm and healing environment to reconnect with nature, giving you a humbling experience, to take positive vibes home with you.