About Me


I started my JataDreads after having shaved my head for about 10 years. My eldest daughter kindly said to me one day, ‘mum, your face is beginning to look a little older and your shaven head makes your face look harsh, it might be a good idea to start thinking about growing your hair’. I’m grateful to my daughter for her courage to be honest with me, I took her wise and caring advice on board. However, …. if I was going to grow my hair back, then the growth had to represent the path I have already walked, who I am because of that journey and what I have yet to learn about myself.

My JataDreads are an external representation of me as a yogi, they are a physical demonstration of my spirituality. Hindu mythology tells us that Jata are the knotted hair locks of Shiva from where the River Ganges flow and that this symbolises life, the living energy and from that our personal strengths.

I carry my crochet hook with me almost all the time and when I find myself sitting quietly, I lock into each Jata, an experience, a moment, my path. I would like to share this with you, maybe locking my own Jata or even better locking yours.

I am forever grateful to Jamie Webb the Dread Monkey, who shared with me his skill of locking hair, so that I then, could maintain my own locks and expand on my personal skills.


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