Summer Boat Life



Beautiful hot summer’s day, rude not to enjoy being outdoors.  Nature on the canal giving Emma and ourselves a meaninful experience for her locks tidy up.

First JātaDreads Client COVID Precautions


Beautiful summer’s day, helping to give Nancy and us, the meaningful experience that we aim to achieve, when one chooses us to have their fresh locks installed or maturing locks maintained.  We are grateful to Nancy for her patience, as we meticulously followed the Government guidelines in providing our services.

Aboard our home, a widebeam canal boat, cruising the Kennet & Avon canal, basing ourselves in the ancient lands of Wiltshire.  The room at the bow, where we practice and study the ancient teachings of Yoga, making it a sacred space.  The room opens up into the countryside and through the french doors, there is a seated outdoor space, where one can take time out for refreshments, to connect with nature, soak up her peace and enjoy the canal.

Today was Philip’s first time locking hair for someone other than myself, he did amazingly well.  It won’t be long before he is cool to go solo.



Bookings Update:

Gratitude and love to all that have been patient, waiting for us to re-open. We are now fully booked till the end of October. Some of you are already aware that my partner Philip is now training to also lock hair, he’s doing incredibly well and as soon as he feels confident to go solo, I will update on what days we will be adding to the JataDreads appointment diary.

In the meantime, if you would like to make a booking for fresh locks or maintenance on maturing locks, sooner rather than later, to save on further long waiting times, then please get in touch.

Remember, we do have strict COVID-19 H&S precautions in place, which I will elaborate on when you make a booking.