What we do and appointments

How and why anyone chooses to lock their hair is a personal choice.  However, if one chooses to come to us to have their hair locked, then please note, we won’t get involved with any extending or filling methods of locking, be it synthetic or human hair.  However, should one of your locks break away, as long as the lock is your hair, I am happy to re-attach it.

 Please understand, we regard that locking hair is a spiritual process, extending or filling methods, using synthetic or human hair extensions, contradicts Dharma ~ the virtue that supports our spiritual commitments.  I would like to add that the Human Hair Extension Industry, is not ethically regulated in protecting adults and children from human exploitation.  For more information please check out my blog post ‘Hair Extension Industry – Human Exploitation‘. Furthermore, the Synthetic Hair Industry is unregulated and without proper informative and efficient health and safety legislation, for the manufacture, use and disposal.  No account is taken into the true cost of chemical pollution, waste and health impacts, through manufacturing, use or disposal. For more information please read my blog post Synthetic Hair Extensions ~ The Dark Truth.

We use the crochet method of locking, we do not use rubber bands, waxes or any fixing agents, everything is natural and has to be your own hair.

We lock up all hair types using the above method.

I can also give maintenance, repair and rescue to locks in any condition, I’ve seen it all, nothing is too much trouble.  So please trust me and bring to me your natty messes.

I charge £25 per hour.  Approximate times:

Fresh installation of dreads, this will depend on a full head or partials (partials can be top head/lower head). Full head can take anything up to 8-12 hours depending on length and thickness of hair.  Partials 6-10 hours, again depending on length and thickness of hair.

Root tidy up 2-4 hours, depending on partial or full head of dreads.

Full tidy up, 4-6 hours, depending on partial or full head of dreads.  

Matted dreads with a tidy up 6+ hours, again depends on partial or full head of dreads.

It is helpful to have a brief consultation, which can be done using emails, photographs and or telephone.  You can contact me at amsemturis@hotmail.com or WhatsApp me on 07824666298.

We live on a widebeam canal boat, travelling the Kennet & Avon Canal between Berkshire and Somerset.  We have other work commitments, so we will moor in walking distance to public car parks.  However, we aim not to moor too close to car parks or busy areas, so please wear shoes/boots, so that if we’ve had rain, then you don’t mind them getting a little muddy.  You are always greeted from the car park, so you do not have to concern yourself with finding our houseboat.  Your day with us is much more than having your locks installed or maintained.  A separate room at the ‘Bow’ of the boat is dedicated to spiritual practices and locking hair.  The room is airy, spacious, filled with natural light from several windows, which give you a great view of the beautiful countryside.  Or, if we have warm dry weather, we can enjoy the outdoors as we have a shady area for you to sit, watching the wildlife, whilst I take care of your locks.  You will be taking yourself away from your regular routine, into a peaceful, calm and healing environment, where you can reconnect with nature, giving you a humbling experience, to take positive vibes home with you.

I will share with you Prānāyāma (breath control technique), which will help you to relax, especially when some of the areas of your head are sensitive and uncomfortable.

I study full-time Ancient Sanskrit texts in Transcendental Psychology, together with attending carpentery courses, therefore, looking after myself has to be a priority. I am devoted to the path of Sādhana and that means a commitment to Ahimsā (non-harming, beginning with one’s self).  It is important that I look after my hands to prevent over use injuries;  locking someone else’s hair is not easy and can be a strain on the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back. Therefore, I lock two days a week. full days Tuesdays and Fridays, maximum of 8 hours a sitting.

Important principles to our services; your time with us is confidential and that we bring integrity, sincerity to the task, we’re not in a rush, what we do, we wish to do well.

You’ll be encouraged to get up ever so often, to walk about, get some fresh air.   If we are doing a long session I will provide refreshments.  All food is plant-based, if you have any food allergies, please let me know when you make your appointment.

I will teach you how to look after the postural muscles in the back of your neck. (I have over 20 years experience in teaching and advising on functional action, injury avoidance and rehabilitation). Locked-up hair gets heavy, locks will cause your head to tilt back, shortening the back of your neck.

I will promote lock maintenance, advising you on their hygiene and showing you how to help stop your locks from matting together.  Also, I am very keen for you to learn how to tidy up your own locks, if you would like to learn, then I will have a spare crochet hook for you to experiment with, I’m happy to share.