September & October 2021

Autumn, getting prepared for solitude and hibernation, I love this time of year.  Autumn is a splendour of colour and dramatic changes, as the tree sap goes down in preparation for the deep sleep.

The preparation includes Philip and myself.  We’ve got our woodpile stocked up already and the wood-burner stove is not only keeping us warm but is a source for cooking.  Soon, we will also have the fire pit to keep us warm and cook on, then we can continue to enjoy being outdoors and appreciate nature even in the winter months.

Our solar panels are not so efficient now, so we have to rely on the engine charging the batteries (recyclable batteries).  This is working out well tho, we had new batteries fitted in October, so the engine doesn’t need to be on as much, as if the batteries were old and not holding their charge. New batteries, if we look after them well, should last us 4-5 winters.

Dreadmaking is going well, it’s wonderful meeting new people and seeing old faces.  I enjoy your visits to the boat; the walks from the car parks to the boat, the happy faces and your exciting energies as you embrace the purity of your endeavours, giving your dread path integrity.  I am immensely grateful.

I’ve now gone back to school, started mid October and already enjoying it a lot.  I’m finding the modern psychology within the study, a challenge, as it does conflict the ancient psychology, that I’ve been studying since 2014.  Nonetheless, the objectivity is all positive and will help with my personal growth, so that in the future, I can help others.  My dreadmaking will continue through the study years, as it gives me a little pocket money and helps take the pressure off Philip, who is supporting me with this commitment for the next 3 maybe 4 years.

Photos are of all sorts, wood sawing, chopping, wind storms, our home cosy and warm, us on our travels to new moorings and recent dreads from September and October and of nature changing around us, as we go into Autumn.  I’ll post again to the blog in December with some very exciting news, stay tuned and pop back again soon.

2 thoughts on “September & October 2021

  1. Wishing you both a happy hibernation and hope people leave you alone during this time of reflection and well earned contentment.
    Although the dates are a little foggy, be sure I will be thinking and wishing you two positive vibes during the winter solstice.
    Thank you for sharing you wise words, life experiences and not to mention these lovely photographs. All help with my self growth as I’m sure they do for others?

    “Giving your dreads integrity” is now my current favourite along with “Don’t humanize things”

    Much love. Your friend.


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