Recent fresh locks and tidy-ups Aug to Dec 2017 #jatadreads #dreadlocks


A few of the heads I’ve done from August to December 2017

I Miss Locking Hair, Starting Back September 2016

I miss it, how bizarre is that!  But taking the time out is proving to be valuable.

Returning home from my travels I had a back log of emails to get through, enquiring about bookings.  The majority of the enquiries were asking about extensions and that just pissed me off;  a) because these people obviously haven’t taken the time to read and note what JataDreads is all about and b) for fuck sake people, what are your locks supposed to represent?  How false you are? How desperate you are? How vain you are?

Anyway, I’ve calmed down since then, done some yoga study and spent some time in reflection of that study.  And I’d like to get back to locking hair, making new friends with like-minded people and sharing space and time. I’ll take the rest of the summer out so I can achieve a deeper study of yoga and get back to locking hair in September.

My plan is to limit the number of people though, keeping it down to 1 maybe 2 people a month, I don’t want the money I earn from JataDreads to become a necessary income, I need it remain a labour of love.  I’m in no hurry to be busy and hopefully this will weed out the material thinkers who don’t take the time to read about JataDreads.


Maintaining My Jata Myself


Began the tidy up start of the Solstice/festive holiday, 2 weeks ago.  Keeping my arms up for a duration of time meant I could tidy up about 8 locks with each session.  I only used a mirror to catch the lose hair at the crown of the head, other than that, I locked every Jata by touch.  The holiday has been particularly spiritual and magical, this time round and so this tidy up I fed into each one, the meaning of the season, which resulted in the best tidy up I have ever done on my own locks.  It’s taken me 7 years to grow them and 4 years to learn how to lock them myself, finally I feel confident with the skill and confident that this tidy up will last all of 2016.