Contacting Me

Please contact me via email,

I can also be found on Facebook

I like to have a little chat about your hair locking journey and if you have locked hair already, what is the condition of your locks. Because you will be coming into my home, I like to find out a little bit about you and to establish whether I am the right person to be involved in the spirituality of your JataDread  journey. I will then give out my mobile number so we can take things further and arrange a convenient date.


6 thoughts on “Contacting Me

  1. Namaste Anna Marie
    What a pleasure and honour to cross paths with you. All thanks to jaTa. I have locked hair for a bit over a year now and have just this week taught myself how to do other’s. Looking up the Sanskrit meaning for ‘dreadlock’, as I would like to advertise my service under a ‘name’, I happily found you 🙂 I am in Cape Town South Africa, would you mind if I also use jaTa?
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Greetings Marjolein

      I have no issues with you using a name with ‘Jata’ in it as long as it is not the same as the website name I am already using. It is refreshing to know that other people are learning of Jata rather than dreads. Thank you for asking, means a lot to me. All the best.


  2. Hello Jata 🙏🏻
    A friend told me of the service you provide with the locking of hair and that you are very good at what you do , I’ve had my Dreads (jata) for 23 yrs , I work for myself as a gardener for 18 yrs of my journey , a friend who used to work on my hair lived in bristol but has moved to Cornwall now , I’ve not had any work done on them for over a year now and am desperately in need of a good routine of maintainance , I usually ACV wash my hair before them being worked on , I use knotty boy shampoo to clean my hair with , I would love to get my head defluffed and my locks tightened and strengthened as I have been losing bits recently ! Hope to hear from you 🍀
    Peace and light

    • Greetings Ace

      It would be a pleasure to tidy up your locks. If you could please email me so I have an alternative means to chat with you, that would be great. This keeps our conversation private, I look forward to hearing from you via email xx warm regards Anna

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