March & April 2023

Its the end of April and Spring is finally here, what a magical day it’s been, the sun has finally warmed us up good and proper, I didn’t need to wear a sweater and I’ve worn sandals today.  Ducklings and goslings are bobbing about the canal, bumblebees are bumbling, dandelions are reflecting the sun, rabbits are playing chase and trees are looking lush with leaves…… Happy days!

Tomorrow we’re on the move again, heading East, check ‘contacts page’ to find out more about locations.

If this lovely weather continues, I’ll be getting the outside space ready, so we can enjoy keeping company with Mother Nature, while I take care of your dreads.

A reminder that JataDreads has a Facebook page, which is a great for keeping up to date with available dates, cancellations, portfolio of dreads and bits and bobs about our travelling life.  Please, simply search JataDreads and follow.

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