Looking After My Hands #jatadreads #dreadlocks #dreads

This is an update on the ‘JataDread Philosophy’ page https://jatadreads.com/jatadread-philosophy/

‘Locking someone else’s hair is not easy and is knackering on the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back.  For this reason I limit my services to two days a week (Friday and Sunday) and I limit the hours to a maximum of 8 hours a sitting.   Should the hair be longer than the shoulders then two sessions will need to be booked.  

Looking after myself, has to be a priority.  My life is yoga and that means a commitment to Ahimsa (non-harming).

Another important principle to the services I offer, is that I bring sincerity to the task, I am not in a rush, what I do, I wish to do well.’

I will write about how to look after hands etc soon, stay tuned.






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