Reasons I will not get involved with extensions #jatadreads #dreadlocks #dreads

Look, I don’t give a hoot what anyone else does to their hair, it’s a personal choice and my personal choice is that, I will not get involved in locking extensions, synthetic or real hair.  My life is yoga and with that I have grasped an understanding, of the nature, of an unhealthy ego, the ‘I want it now’ mentality.

I like short stumpy locks, I respect the person who is prepared to go through the different stages of their journey, it’s character building.  And for those who come to me to have their hair locked, it’s a spiritual connection I’m trying to attract, not clients/customers.  Therefore, I’d rather have 1 visitor a month and enjoy the company, than be busy with people coming and going through my home, that, I’m unable to connect with.  It’s a mutual experience, I’m absorbing somebody else’s energy whilst they are absorbing mine, we must connect, I won’t have anything synthetic to block that or have a 3rd energy from the real hair extensions.

For me, keep it real, live for your needs, not your wants, living is then simply wonderful.




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