2 thoughts on “Shampoo #jatadreads #dreadlocks

  1. I feel you s much on that sis!! I too feel the exact same way and give those who are on that level, their due human respect, but its not my thing ! I think dreads have taught me that..patience and has continually remind my ego to get in check and that’s why I have jata !! I’m now starting to offer I “install services” although I wish there was a different term for that….. it will be temple dreads ( another word I don’t like ( dread), hmm may need to feel that one out. SO love to you sister !!!!!!

    • Greetings Jennah,

      Yes the word ‘dread’ is not a word I use to describe my locks either but I use it for the website name, because I have to attract interest. When someone visits to have, either fresh locks or some maintenance done, I then get an opportunity to discuss this and that can be very interesting. So glad Jata is getting out there, brings like minded people together.

      Warm regards and Yogashanti

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