My Jata Dreads Journey In Pictures #jata #dreadlocks #Reading #Berkshire

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I shaved my head for 10 years. When it was time to grow my hair again it was important to me that it was on my terms. I was getting older and I felt I needed to embrace that in away that would be enjoyable. So I decided to lock my hair.

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Started with a straightforward Mohawk, which was bleached as I was told that this is the best way to begin locking.

Not A Good Start.

My first dreads were so cute and tiny, the hair was burned with a hair iron, back combed and then smothered in dax. I knew within a couple of weeks that this was not the way forward.

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I kept the baby locks for a little while until I found the dread guru, Jamie Webb, DreadMonkey and he tidied my locks without the use of any wax but using a crochet technique keeping my locks soft and manageable.

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and so they began to settle in and grow

and I had lots of fun with them


I kept the Mohawk for some time


until eventually I decided to grow the Mohawk out and lock the whole head


During the time of growing out the Mohawk I found I had breast cancer. I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t need chemo


and Jamie started another batch of baby locks, looked so weird for a while but they settled quite quickly.


I am now tidy up my locks myself, it’s not difficult anymore, takes me about 2 evenings to do my own due to arm and hand ache, but I am very pleased with my achievements.

2 thoughts on “My Jata Dreads Journey In Pictures #jata #dreadlocks #Reading #Berkshire

  1. Hi ERF Mama, Tank you and yes it was but we all got through it and we are better people for it. love peace & happiness xx

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